Raidzone It is a faction server based on hardcore pvp mode. You can find it on the server: Dungeons, quests, envoy event, RPG elements, pets, farms, the works, koth and many other things. The server is not established for the purpose earnings ike most others. So all the benefits that can be purchased on the website can also be obtained in the game Drop, event or earnings. With a little time and effort, it can be VIP anyone with us.

Server systems

- New fishing - Custom enchants - New items - five - Dungeons - Envoy event every hour - Auction - Crates - Vote - Daily rewards - Work - Backpacks - Level system - Quests - Demanding economy - skilly - and more

System Crate

Keys can be obtained in the game i buy on web site. In the game you can get them from other chests or you can buy them for Coiny.

Vote System

We recommend vote for our server on various websites. Links can be found either in the game or at Voting is definitely worth it!

System Quests

Quest system. There are quests voluntarily, but we recommend doing them. It will spice up your game and you will benefit from it experience, money and some of the best things on the server.

Dungeon system

Dungeon system it works simply. Just choose the dungeon you want to explore. You currently have a choice of 4 dungeons. You will get many useful things there to make the best things on the server. ‚Äč
ATTENTION! You can only enter the dungeon once every 3 hours! Therefore, we recommend you to be very prepared.

And much more

Come check out the game and discover this faction server yourself! We guarantee you will like it !